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"eLearning and Software for Education"
First published in 2005




eLearning and Software for Education Journal adds a contribution to the exchange of information on eLearning topics and stimulates the progress in communication on the eLearning related scientific research projects. Articles presented into this annual journal provide views regarding the current situation and elearning trends in different environments: schools, universities, companies, civil society and institutions. Through these articles, the journal promotes the use of Advanced Distributed Learning principles for learning in Romania and abroad.

In order to publish an article in this journal, it should be prior presented at eLearning and Software for Education Conference (eLSE). The event is organized by the Advanced Distributed Learning Department and it is a part of a fruitful effort aimed to improve the quality of learning for the “Carol I” National Defence University Students. Since 2005, more than 400 authors both Romanian and foreigners have used this conference to share their lessons learned, progress in software development and research results.
The scope of the 2010 eLearning and Software for Education Journal reflects the three interest areas of eLearning and Software for Education Conference: managing and developing the eLearning integrated solutions, immersive technologies in ADL, interoperability and reusability of the elearning objects. All e-learning related themes are accepted as topics. The following topics are given as an example:

  • Innovative solutions in designing and realization of the support management systems for education and training
  • eLearning platforms
  • eLearning effectiveness and outcomes
  • Course design in eLearning
  • Pedagogical models in eLearning
  • Emerging and best practices in eLearning
  • Partnerships in eLearning
  • Web-based learning including Wikis and Blogs
  • Evaluation of eLearning

Recurrence, languages and services

The eLearning and Software for Education Journal includes articles presented on eLearning and Software for Education Conference and it is issued once time a year. The executive summary of each article, keywords, and full text are available in English. You can download each paper in PDF document.

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