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The 4th International Scientific Conference eLSE "eLearning and Software for Education", BUCHAREST, April 17-18, 2008

ELSE Conference

In the line of the previous three editions, the purpose of the annual eLSE conference, is to promote e-Learning related activities by providing a forum for exchange of ideas, presentation of technical achievements, and discussion of future directions.

The event is organized by the Advanced Distributed Learning Department, and it is part of a fruitful effort aiming to improve the quality of learning for the "Carol I" National Defence University students. Since 2005 more than 300 authors, both Romanian and foreigners, use this conference to share their lessons learned, progress in software development and research results on e-learning topics such as: build up functional learning management systems, knowledge databases, computer aided assessment tools and standardized digital content. Notorious companies promoted their products during eLSE conferences, in the form of Corporate Showcases, Corporate Demonstrations, and other type of presentations.

Past successes have taken the eLSE to a new height and the theme of this year conference is

"e-Learning network based education - student oriented. "

The conference is particularly focused on:

  • Higher education and evolution of advancef distributed learning.
  • Tools and quality standards applied in creating digital content.
  • New e-learning products and services.

Papers describing original work on applicable solutions in the field of educational process, theories, methodologies, and software - solutions are invited for presentation in the conference.

Organizers consider eLSE 2008 a challenge, an opportunity to learn and to exchange experience. The conference may even offer the chance of a private partnership, and it is also a place to meet people that count in advanced distributed learning.

ELSE 2008 Conference Call for Papers



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