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Organizing Committee

Chairman: Professor Ion ROCEANU, PhD - "Carol I" National Defense University

Professional Patronage

Professor Gheorghe MARIN, PhD - Chief of the General Staff
Professor Mircea MURESAN, PhD - Rector of the "Carol I" National Defense University
Professor Dumitru CRISTEA, PhD - Chief of the Communications and Information Technology Directorate
Professor Florian RAPAN, PhD - Deputy Commander of the "Carol I" National Defence University"

Scientific Committee

Professor Viorel BUTA, PhD - Deputy Commander “Carol I” National Defense University
Professor Marius HANGANU, Phd - Deputy Commandant for scientific research of the "Carol I" National Defense University
Associate Professor Marin VLADA, PhD - University of Bucharest
Associate Professor Adrian ADASCALITEI, PhD - Technical "Gh. Asachi" University, Iasi
Associate Professor Bogdan LOGOFATU, PhD - Manager of the University of Bucharest Department for Distance Learning, Credis
Professor Florin POPENTIU-VLADICESCU, PhD - UNESCO Chairholder at University of ORADEA
Professor Radu JUGUREANU - eContent Manager of the SIVECO Romania
Senior Researcher Alexandra TOEDT - International Relations and Security Network - ISN
Senior Researcher Kateryna SYNYTSYA, Phd - International Research and Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems
Senior Researcher Carmen TARAN, Phd - Rexi Media, U.S.A.

Logistic Committee

Catalin RADU
Mariana BUNEA



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