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Honorary president
Professor Dr. Teodor FRUNZETI, Rector of the "Carol I" National Defense University, Romania Teodor Frunzeti
Professor Dr. Ion ROCEANU - "Carol I" National Defense University, Romania Ion Roceanu
Scientific Committee
Mr. Joseph CAMACHO, Program Manager, Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability, United States Joint Forces Command, U.S.A. Joe Camacho Dr. Paul JESUKIEWICZ, Director of The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, U.S.A. Paul JESUKIEWICZ
Dr. Kristy MURRAY, Director Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, U.S.A. Joe Camacho Dr. Gokay SURSAL, Section Head, Joint ADL and Simulation NATO Gokay Sursal
Associate Professor Dr. Robert WISHER - Naval Postgraduate School Monterey , U.S.A. Robert Wisher LtCdr Geir Isaksen - POC at the Norwegian ADL partnership lab, Norway Phil Ice
Professor Dr. Marin VLADA - University of Bucharest, Romania Marin Vlada Professor Dr. Florin POPENTIU-VLADICESCU - UNESCO Chairholder at City University London UK, University of ORADEA, Romania Florin POPENTIU-VLADICESCU
Professor Radu JUGUREANU - eContent Manager of the SIVECO Romania, Romania Radu Jugureanu Senior Researcher Dr. Kateryna SYNYTSYA - International Research and Training Centre for Information Technologies and Systems, Ukraine Kateryna Synytsya
Associate Professor Dr. Malinka IVANNOVA - Sofia -Technical University, Bulgaria Adrian Adascalitei Professor Dr. Varujan PAMBUCCIAN - University of Bucharest, Romania varujan.jpg
Associate Professor Dr. Adrian ADASCALITEI - Technical "Gh. Asachi" University- Iasi, Romania Adrian Adascalitei Ed.D. Director of Course Design Phil Ice - Research & Development American Public University System, USA Phil Ice
Associate Professor Dr. Maria Magdalena POPESCU - "Carol I" National Defense University, Romania Maria Magdalena POPESCU Professor Dr. Veronica STEFAN - University of Targoviste, Romania Robert Wisher
Education Manager Olimpus ISTRATE - University of Bucharest, Romania Malinka Ivanova Professor Dr. Virgil Daniel POPESCU- University of Craiova, Romania Virgil Daniel POPESCU
Logistic Committee
Engineer Dragos BARBIERU Dragos BARBIERU Engineer Gabriel DOBRESCU Gabi DOBRESCU
Professor Catalin RADU Catalin RADU Analyst programmer Mariana BUNEA Mariana Bunea

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