Welcome to "Carol I" National Defence University's eLearning Portal. To access the portal's resources please visit the Downloads, Links, Tutorials and FAQ sections. If you have any sugesstions or observations, feel free to mail us at adl@unap.ro or to post your remarks on this site's forum (only registered users are allowed to post on the forum).
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The "Carol l" National Defence University of the Ministry of Defence of Romania has established an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Lab in Bucharest, Romania, to develop ADL capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense.
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Access to this e-learning Portal involves observance of the following conditions of use. Therefore, please read them carefully.

1. Agreement
Welcome to the e-learning portal of the National Defence University. The services it provides are the object of the following terms of use that can be changed without your prior notification or consent. However, whenever you use a certain service, you can consult various usage guidelines or rules that apply to the respective service. The e-learning Portal may also offer services governed by other conditions of use.

2. Description
The e-learning Portal offers a wide variety of on-line resources, chat opportunities, downloads, news, articles, links, FAQ, opinion polls, henceforth referred to as services. Unless otherwise specified, any new improvements in these services, including a new version of the e-learning Portal, will be governed by new conditions of use. Acknowledge and agree that the e-learning Portal is not responsible for any errors that might occur in the timing, transmission and communication between users or in any other circumstances.

3. Obligations upon registration
In order to access our services you must :
a. key in the actual, accurate and complete information as requested in the registration forms, and
b. update the information whenever necessary. If you provide unreal, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, the administrator has the right to suspend your user account on a temporary or permanent basis. The e-learning Portal is interested in the safety and confidentiality of data provided by all users.

4. User account and password
Once the registration completed, you will receive a notification including all the data of your account (password, type of account). You are responsible for preserving the confidential nature of your account and of all activities you carry out in it. You agree to :
a. immediately inform the administrator of any unauthorized use of your account or any security breach
b. exit your account at the end of every work session. The e-learning Portal is not and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of non-compliance with point 5.

5. User behaviour
Agree that the responsibility for all information made public or transmitted privately as text, sound, image, video, messages or any other form, henceforth called content, rests exclusively with the person who created it. Therefore, it is the author of the information and not the e-learning Portal that is liable for any content that is uploaded, displayed, transmitted or made available in any way, by means of these services. The e-learning Portal does not control the content transiting these services and does not guarantee its accuracy, truthfulness and quality. Under all circumstances, the e-learning Portal is not responsible for any error in or omission from the content or for any loss or damage of any kind, occurring as a result of using the content displayed, transmitted or made available by these services.

Also agree not to utilize these services to:
• Load, display or transmit content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, violating a person’s privacy, malevolent, racist or unacceptable from any other point of view.
• Substitute for any person or entity, the administrator of the e-learning Portal, a forum moderator or falsify the identity of a person or entity.
• Forge or manipulate in any way identification data with a view to disguise the origin of content transiting these services.
• Upload, display or transmit content you have no right to publish, or which falls under the provisos of a contract or you have in custody ( internal, personal confidential information or information learnt as a result of an employment contract or confidentiality agreement).
• Upload, display or transmit by any means content that violates any licence, patent, brand, market secret, copyright, or other property rights, henceforth referred to as rights, of any party.
• Load, display or transmit by any means advertisements, promotional materials, e-mails, pyramidal schemes or any other materials not authorized or applied for, except those needed for normal use.
• Upload, display or transmit by any means materials that contain viruses or codes, folders or programmes meant to interrupt, destroy or limit the functioning of programmes or the communication equipments.
• Disrupt the normal flow of dialogue or act by any means to impair the exchange of information by means of these services.
• Intervene or undermine the services, servers, the networks connected to these services, or ignore the rules, procedures, policies, or the regulations referring to the networks connected to them.
• Deliberately or unintentionally violate any local, national or international legal regulation.
• Collect and store the personal data of other users.

The e-learning Portal does not limit the transiting content, but the administrator has the right (not the obligation, though) to deny or delete any content that violates these terms of use or is considered unacceptable. Agree that you should evaluate the risks involved by the use of any content, including reliance on its accuracy, completeness or value (usefulness). In this respect, acknowledge that you cannot fully rely on the content transiting the e-learning Portal, including the information in the forums, articles, news or other parts of these services.

Acknowledge and agree that the e-learning Portal can archive the content and make it known if this is required on a legal basis. We will make the content known only if this is necessary for: a. answering a legal demand; b. enforcing the observance of the terms of use; c. answering an application of a third party whose rights were violated by the respective content; or d. protecting the rights of the users and the safety of the e-learning Portal.

Acknowledge that the technical processing of your content can result in (a) its being transmitted through the network and (b) changes or transformations in order to meet the technical requirements of connecting networks and devices.

6. The content uploaded by the e-learning Portal
The e-learning Portal does not claim property rights over the content uploaded by these services, but in order to enter the areas of public access, you have to allow the e-learning Portal to do the following :
- Use, distribute, reproduce, change, adapt the content in order to make possible its display by these services which are meant to promote it. This permission is valid as long as the content is introduced in these services and it ends when you or the e-learning Portal withdraws the respective content.
- Use, distribute, reproduce, change, adapt, publish or translate content ( other than images, charts, graphs, audio, video) in its entirety or in part, in order to include it into other content.

The areas of public access in the services offered by the e-learning Portal are those designed to be used by the general public.

7. Use and storage rules
Agree that the administrator of the e-learning Portal can establish rules and limitations to the use of these services, including restrictions on the e-mail, forum messages, or on any other type of content, the maximum number of messages that can be sent or received by e-mail, the maximum storage space allotted on the server disc, the maximum number of times you access the services over a definite period of time. Also agree that the e-learning Portal cannot be held responsible for storage errors or deletion of any content managed or transmitted by these services. Likewise, agree that the e-learning Portal administrator can disconnect accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time. Acknowledge and agree that the administrator has the right to change these rules and limitations, whenever necessary, upon or without informing you.

8. Changes in the services
The e-learning Portal reserves itself the right to change or suspend these services or parts of them, on a temporary or permanent basis, with or without your prior notification.
Agree that the e-learning Portal does not have the obligation to notify you or a third party about any modification, suspension or interruption of these services.

9. Limitations
Agree that the administrator can delete the user account, can delete and remove any content, in case of improper service use or in case the usage terms are violated. The administrator can also discontinue these services or part of them, with or without your prior notification. Agree that your access to these services, in keeping with these usage terms, can be limited without prior notification. The administrator can also inactivate or delete your access account and block access to these services. Agree that the e-learning Portal does not have the obligation to inform you or a third party of limiting access to these services.

10. Notification
The e-learning Portal can send notifications when changing the usage terms or when the situation requires it. This can be also done by e-mail.

11. General information
These terms of use represent an agreement between you and the e-learning Portal. They render null and void any previous agreement.
The titles in these usage terms are merely informative and do not have legal or binding effect.

12. Violations
Please report to the administrator of the e-learning Portal any violation of these terms of use. The address is orosoiu@unap.ro.

ELSE Conference
The 14th International Scientific Conference ELSE eLearning and Software for Education, BUCHAREST, April 19-20, 2018.
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