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The "Carol l" National Defence University of the Ministry of Defence of Romania has established an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Lab in Bucharest, Romania, to develop ADL capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense.
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The e-learning Portal takes its confidentiality policy seriously.

1. Confidentiality Policy
The confidentiality policy of the e-learning Portal applies to the personal information provided by you while using the Portal services.
This policy does not apply to persons that are not administered by the e-learning Portal.

2. Information gathering and use

The e-learning Portal collects personal information when you register as a user with a view to identifying you whenever you use certain services or access the Portal pages. Once you have registered as a user, you are no longer anonymous to the e-learning Portal.

The e-learning Portal receives and registers information from your browser, including your IP and the requested page in the server journals.

The e-learning Portal uses this information for three purposes: to customize the content you request, to provide certain services and to contact you.

3. Distribution and disclosure of information
The e-learning Portal does not make public your personal information.
The e-learning Portal can make public your personal information in the following cases alone:
When this is necessary in order to provide you a requested service,
To answer a subpoena, judicial order or legal procedure,
When you have repeatedly broken the terms of use or any of the guidelines for the use of services and own products.

4. Editing or deleting the account information

The e-learning Portal gives you the possibility to edit any moment the information in your own account.
You can request the deletion of your user account by an e-mail to dbarbieru@adlunap.ro.

5. Safety

In keeping with our confidentiality policy, the user information is protected by passwords.
In certain cases, the e-learning Portal uses the standard SSL encoding to protect confidential data.

6. Changes in the confidentiality policy

The e-learning Portal can change these policies in case of need. If there are any major changes in the way your information is handled, a note published on the e-learning Portal will inform you, accordingly.

7. Questions and suggestions
Please mail any questions or suggestions to dbarbieru@adlunap.ro.

ELSE Conference
The 14th International Scientific Conference ELSE eLearning and Software for Education, BUCHAREST, April 19-20, 2018.
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