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The "Carol l" National Defence University of the Ministry of Defence of Romania has established an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Lab in Bucharest, Romania, to develop ADL capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense.
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 · NORDEFCO conference – 2015
 · eLearning and Software for Education - eLSE 2015
 · PfPC Advanced Distributed Learning Working Group M..
 · Ceremony of graduation
 · ADL Partnership Lab Established in Romania
 · New Military English Course
 · New books in Virtual Library
 · UNAp - NATO Defense College memorandum

Most accessed courses
 Introduction to NATO
The purpose of this course, Introduction to NATO, is to provide an introduction to NATO structures, policies and operations, as well as, an overview of the current issues facing the Alliance. The course begins with a general description about the nowadays security threats for NATO, partnerships with Russia and Ukraine, European Council and European Union, transatlantic relations. A special chapter is a short history of Alliance emphasizing the importance of Bruxelles and Washington treaties. The course also follows closely in special chapters the evolution of NATO strategy bringing into the light the strategic concepts from 1990 and 1999, the nato structures and the way in which a decision is issued, the PfP, PARP, Rapid Reaction Force. The course is developed in a way that allows students to understand from NATO perspective the evolution in political issues and geopolitics. 

 Conflict Management and Negotiation.
This course is a ten-unit, self-study introduction to International Conflict Management and Negotiation. Combining both academic theory and practical case studies, the curriculum provides a broad overview of the field and illustrates ways in which various concepts can be applied by practitioners in the field. The course begins with an overview of theories of violent conflict, catalogues current communal conflicts in the world, and addresses issues of crisis intervention. The second section outlines the many tools available for resolving international conflict and looks at both official and non-official approaches. The third section deals with international negotiation and covers the process of preparing for negotiations, different techniques and approaches used by negotiators, and ways to improve negotiation dynamics. The course ends with a unit on post-conflict peace building that addresses the range of issues facing post-conflict societies as they struggle to build sustainable peace.  

eLearning : NORDEFCO conference – 2015
 Posted by admin. at 2015/5/26 17:00:00 (reads 7322)
A representative of the Advanced Distributed Learning Department participated to the 3rd conference NORDEFCO ( Nordic conference for Advanced Distributed Learning ) held in Gol, Norway for the period 20 to 22 May 2015 .
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eLearning : eLearning and Software for Education - eLSE 2015
 Posted by admin. at 2015/5/7 16:19:40 (reads 2721)
Advanced Distributed Learning department from National Defense University "Carol I" as Romania ADL Partnership Lab with ADL Romania Association, staged during 23 to 24 April 2015 the international scientific conference "eLearning software and education".
The main theme of the conference, " Rethinking education by leveraging the pillar of the Digital Agenda eLearning for Europe" was choosed in order to facilitate the dialogue between teachers, engineers, educational digital content creators, members of universities. They debated among other topics the link between e- education and e- training, as concern of continuous scientific research and stressed the symbiosis that occurs between the modern technical opportunities and the pedagogical implications.

Thanks to all participants !

eLearning : PfPC Advanced Distributed Learning Working Group Meeting
 Posted by admin. at 2015/5/7 16:07:53 (reads 1547)
PfPC Advanced Distributed Learning Working Group Meeting was held on April 19-23, 2015, in Bucharest. The event was hosted by “Carol I” National Defence University, Romania.
At this workshop experts from eight countries discussed and extended their expertise into critical fields of advanced distributed learning focused on issues related to training and research.

eLearning : Ceremony of graduation
 Posted by admin. at 2015/2/6 13:11:14 (reads 2027)
Thursday, January 15, 2015 , the National Defense University students enrolled in online courses "Introduction to NATO " - Series 23; " Conflict Management and Negotiation " - Series 14 and "Common Security and Defence Policy" - Series 9 participated at the ceremony of graduation.
The ceremony was organized by the Department for Education Advanced Distributed, the structure that promotes this type of training in the university. The courses attracts a large number of participants both from military but also civil society .
At the event the management of the university was represented by Col.dr. Ion ROCEANU vice-rector for scientific research NDU .
Pictures from the event are available in the Photo Gallery .

Gallery ITN access here.
Gallery CMN here.
Gallery CSDP here.

eLearning : ADL Partnership Lab Established in Romania
 Posted by admin. at 2009/2/20 4:21:25 (reads 4537)
The "Carol l" National Defence University of the Ministry of Defence of Romania has established an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Lab in Bucharest, Romania, to develop ADL capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense. Lieutenant Colonel Professor Dr. Ion Roceanu, Director of the Romanian Advanced Distributed Learning Department of the "Carol l" National Defence University, and Dr. Robert Wisher, Director of the ADL Initiative, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Readiness of the Department of Defense of the United States of America, were the principal signatories....
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eLearning : New Military English Course
 Posted by oaspete. at 2007/3/14 12:08:39 (reads 3756)
The National Defence University „Carol I” announces the release of the „Military English Course”, the first course in electronic format developed entirely within the University. The course is the result of the cooperation between The Advanced Distributed Learning Department and The Foreign Languages Department of The Command and Staff Faculty. The course, based on the experience of dr. Ana Maria Chisega-Negrilă and dr. Maria Magdalena Popescu, addresses the military and civilian personnel from the MoD who have taken Level 2 STANAG or have knowledge of English at intermediate level. Moreover, it is a useful tool both for those who wish to improve their command of English in order to take Level 3 STANAG, and for those who want to refresh their previously acquired knowledge of English.
The course will assist students in: familiarizing with specific NATO terminology, obtaining a linguistic level that will allow them to function in NATO structures, improving the capacity of understanding audio records, improving the reading speed and the percentage of understanding military texts, learning and using complex grammar structures.

eLearning : New books in Virtual Library
 Posted by oaspete. at 2007/3/7 11:59:29 (reads 2488)

The Virtual Library of “Carol I” National Defence University, in its effort to offer more the educational resources, has diversified its offer of books, and besides the works in Romanian language belonging to the teaching staff and the researchers from the military education institutions, it also offers works in English language.

Starting with 14.02.2007 the Virtual Library offers to be consulted and to be downloaded the collection of publications of Command and Control Research Program (CCRP), the research program under the patronage of the Assistant Secretary of Defense of USA.

The collection consists of 40 published works, between 1995- 2006, being formed by works that are considered classic as: Lessons from Kosovo (Wentz, 2003), or The Agile Organization(Atkinson and Moffat, 2005), or by new works of a well known authors as: Logic of War Fighting Experiments (Kass, 2006), Understanding Command and Control (Alberts and Hayes, 2006) and Complexity, Networking and Effects-Based Approaches to operations (Smith, 2006).

The works address to the domain of Command and Control (C2), theory of doctrines and applications, systems and implications of new C2 experimental technologies. New concepts regarding command and control are developed, as well as control in a joint, combined or coalition system in classic missions of combat and other missions than war.

The Virtual library can be accessed at: http://adlunap.ro/uv

eLearning : UNAp - NATO Defense College memorandum
 Posted by admin. at 2006/3/13 20:37:06 (reads 4557)
On 6-7 March 2006, on the invitation of General Lieutenant Marc Vankeirsbilck, the commandant of NATO Defense College in Rome, a delegation from “Carol I” National Defence University has visited the institution.
On this occasion, the two institutions have signed up a memorandum of cooperation 
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ELSE Conference
The 16th International Scientific Conference ELSE eLearning and Software for Education, BUCHAREST, April 23-24, 2020.

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