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eLearning : New books in Virtual Library
 Posted by oaspete. at 2007/3/7 11:59:29 (reads 2228)

The Virtual Library of “Carol I” National Defence University, in its effort to offer more the educational resources, has diversified its offer of books, and besides the works in Romanian language belonging to the teaching staff and the researchers from the military education institutions, it also offers works in English language.

Starting with 14.02.2007 the Virtual Library offers to be consulted and to be downloaded the collection of publications of Command and Control Research Program (CCRP), the research program under the patronage of the Assistant Secretary of Defense of USA.

The collection consists of 40 published works, between 1995- 2006, being formed by works that are considered classic as: Lessons from Kosovo (Wentz, 2003), or The Agile Organization(Atkinson and Moffat, 2005), or by new works of a well known authors as: Logic of War Fighting Experiments (Kass, 2006), Understanding Command and Control (Alberts and Hayes, 2006) and Complexity, Networking and Effects-Based Approaches to operations (Smith, 2006).

The works address to the domain of Command and Control (C2), theory of doctrines and applications, systems and implications of new C2 experimental technologies. New concepts regarding command and control are developed, as well as control in a joint, combined or coalition system in classic missions of combat and other missions than war.

The Virtual library can be accessed at: http://adlunap.ro/uv


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