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eLearning : New Military English Course
 Posted by oaspete. at 2007/3/14 12:08:39 (reads 3321)
The National Defence University „Carol I” announces the release of the „Military English Course”, the first course in electronic format developed entirely within the University. The course is the result of the cooperation between The Advanced Distributed Learning Department and The Foreign Languages Department of The Command and Staff Faculty. The course, based on the experience of dr. Ana Maria Chisega-Negrilă and dr. Maria Magdalena Popescu, addresses the military and civilian personnel from the MoD who have taken Level 2 STANAG or have knowledge of English at intermediate level. Moreover, it is a useful tool both for those who wish to improve their command of English in order to take Level 3 STANAG, and for those who want to refresh their previously acquired knowledge of English.
The course will assist students in: familiarizing with specific NATO terminology, obtaining a linguistic level that will allow them to function in NATO structures, improving the capacity of understanding audio records, improving the reading speed and the percentage of understanding military texts, learning and using complex grammar structures.

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