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The "Carol l" National Defence University of the Ministry of Defence of Romania has established an Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Partnership Lab in Bucharest, Romania, to develop ADL capabilities in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense.
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Please fill in all the fields in the course registration form. In order to fill in the ILIAS username field you need to register on the PfP Ilias LMS and mention the username with which you registered. Please read the ILIAS Guide bellow for more details.

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 "Introduction to NATO", first group (15.05 - 15.07.2006)

 "Introduction to NATO", second group (15.07 - 15.09.2006)

 "Introduction to NATO", third group (01.10 - 30.11.2006)

 "Introduction to NATO", fourth group (15.01 - 16.03.2007)

 "Introduction to NATO", fifth group (02.04 - 31.05.2007)

 "Introduction to NATO", sixth group (01.10 - 23.11.2007)

 "Introduction to NATO", seventh group (04.02 - 28.03.2008)

 "Introduction to NATO", eighth group (05.05 - 27.06.2008)

 "Introduction to NATO", nineth group (06.10 - 28.11.2008)

 "Introduction to NATO", tenth group (02.02 - 27.03.2009)

 "Introduction to NATO", eleventh group (04.05 - 26.06.2009)

 "Introduction to NATO", twelfth group (05.10 - 27.11.2009)

 "Introduction to NATO", thirteenth group (01.02 - 26.03.2010)

 "Introduction to NATO", fourteenth group (03.05 - 25.06.2010)

 "Introduction to NATO", fifteenth group (04.10 - 26.11.2010)

 "Introduction to NATO", sixteenth group (02.05 - 24.06.2011)

 "Introduction to NATO", seventeenth group (24.10 - 16.12.2011)

 "Introduction to NATO", eighteenth group (07.05 - 29.06.2012)

 "Introduction to NATO", nineteenth group (22.10 - 14.12.2012)

 "Introduction to NATO", twentieth group (06.05 - 28.06.2013)

 "Introduction to NATO", twentieth one group (21.10 - 13.12.2013)

  For more information , contact us at:

  Phone: +401 0213194880 ext. 110
  Fax: +401 0213110985
  Mail: cursuri.adl@adlunap.ro
  • The courses are taking place acording to the memorandum of cooperation between NATO Defense College in Rome and “Carol I” National Defence University and with the consent of National Defence Ministry.
  • “Introduction to NATO” course is compulsory to all candidates who wish to apply for NATO positions and for the future students of the NATO College.
  • “ESDP” course is optional, but highly recommended for supplementing knowledge on the European security policy in which NATO plays a significant role.
  • Course completion will be certified with a diploma issued by both institutions.
  • Course enrollment is free. Access will be permitted after the candidate will fill the course registration form (rename the file courseRegistration.xls to surname_name.xls, using only small letters) and send it to cursuri.adl@adlunap.ro.
  • The course will take place on-line only, the user account usually remaining active for 60 days, and requires full coverage of the course and completion of the final evaluation form.
  • On-line tutoring will be available during the entire course duration. Tutoring will provide technical and didactical assistance.
  • The PfP Ilias LMS requires Java support to be activated in your browser. If you run into problems please ensure that you have Java Virtual Machine installed or download and install it from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html.
  • Due to the high number of requests, which surpass our actual management capacity, we inform you that all persons which made all necesary steps for enrollment will be included in series taking into account the date of subscription.


Ministry of Defense and other institutions with role in security and national defence and public order
Civilian institutions
15.01 – 16.03.2007 50 20
02.04– 31.05.2007 50 20
01.10 – 23.11.2007 50 20
02.02 – 28.03.2008 50 20
05.05 – 27.06.2008 50 20
06.10 – 28.11.2008 50 20
02.02 – 27.03.2009 50 20
04.05 – 26.06.2009 50 20
05.10 – 27.11.2009 48 20
01.02 – 26.03.2010 48 20
03.05 – 25.06.2010 48 20
04.10 – 26.11.2010 50 30
02.05 – 24.06.2011 50 30
24.10 – 16.12.2011 50 20
07.05 – 29.06.2012 50 20
22.10 – 14.12.2012 51 20
06.05 – 28.06.2013 50 20


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Courses description

European Security and Defence Policy

This course on the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) examined the nature of this EU policy area and its relevance for current developments in the field of security. Among other issues, the course discusses the broader historical and geopolitical context within which ESDP was launched; examines the institutional set-up and the military and civilian capabilities of ESDP; and analyses the relationship between the EU and NATO. The ESDP course was created by the NATO Defense College (NDC) in Rome, Italy, together with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) with the ISN.

Introduction to NATO

The Introduction to NATO course provides an introduction to NATO's structures, policies, and operations, as well as an overview of the current issues facing NATO. It was collaboratively designed by several training and educational institutes and then converted into the PfP Learning Management System with the cooperation of three development teams.

If you want more details, please contact us by:

Phone: +401 0213194880 ext. 110
Fax: +401 0213110985
Mail: cursuri.adl@adlunap.ro

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